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customized itineraries, custom trips

There are so many tour agencies and trip planning services out there that it is easy to get confused. We decided to point out the differences between some of the companies who specialize in Customized Itineraries/Custom Trips.  It might sound strange to you, in the greedy world we live in today, but we do want our clients to feel sure about their choice of travel planning company. Yes, we need you–the client–to do business, but we want you to be happy and choose what’s best for you. Planning and going on a trip is exciting and requires some work in the same time. We hope that our comparison list below will be helpful!


Brekke Tours & Travels offers some packaged tours to exotic destinations, such as Australia, Belize, Southern Caribbean. Prices are anywhere up to $2500-$3000 a person and they work with Princess Cruise Line as their partner. Their other tours are to Russia, Europe, North America and the Scandinavian countries. When it comes down to their Customized Itineraries their fill-out form is quite detailed. They even ask for your passport number and their questions about dates of travel could be a bit confusing. They charge $100 non-refundable fee that must be paid upon submission of your travel request. The fee is deducted from your customized itinerary ONLY if the total cost of your trip is more than $1500. You can choose between paying by credit card, debit card or check. Located in North Dakota, Brekke Tours & Travel‘s specialty are their Scandinavian trips.

customized itineraries

Copy rights reserved to Brekke Tours & Travel

We believe that websites are the #1 tool for success within the Travel Industry, so here is a screen shot of Brekke Tours & Travel website:


√ Our total price for planning a customized trip are based depending on your request for countries to visit, cities, venues, etc. Everything is tailored, discounts are available, and we usually give FREE “cities” and/or “venues”, which are again tailored to the specific request. You can see our cost here.

√ Our contact form is user friendly and we never ask for your passport number or other confidential details. Our Privacy Policy is in full compliance with the GDPR /General Data Protection Regulation/ that the European Union has passed and we only ask for the basic of basics in terms of data.

√ At the moment we only accept payment via PayPal. Whether you choose to purchase one of our pre-made customized trips or to receive an invoice, our payment is secured and your payment protection, and/or refund if necessary, is guaranteed. Our site is also SSL certified.

√ Although we are capable and knowledgeable to plan trips to any destination in the world, our specialties are Europe and the United States.


Old Sod Travel is another travel service company that comes up when you request a search about “custom trips”. Their specialty is the U.K, but primarily focused on Ireland, Scotland and England.

custom trips

Copy rights and credits to Old Sod Travel

They offer group travels, short visits, chauffeured trips, or study abroad programs. You can easily fill-out a Customized Itinerary form request as it is located on every page at the right sidebar, but prices or business physical address are not listed anywhere on the site. Old Sod Travel is a great company to use if you are interested in visiting the U.K. in particular.


√ We offer Custom Trips to any destination in the world and not only to the U.K.

√ Our costs are calculated and estimated to the penny. The total costs posted on our website are the maximum.

√ Our contact form asks for few more details, which will help us to plan your trip faster and better.


Journy is one of the best designed websites for Customized Itineraries. Their team comes from wide backgrounds, but primarily from the food and restaurant industry. They are listed in some of the most popular travel news sites, such as Travel+Leisure, TechCrunch, WSJ and Cool Hunting. Their prices range from $25-$50 p/day of travel charged to you depending on your request and they offer 15-20 min free chat with a travel consultant. Usually, the faces behind Custom Trips operations/services are travel lovers who are either travel bloggers too or they just like to share their experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts and charge a minimum fee for their services.

customized itineraries

Copy rights and credits to Journy

Journy has had the financial back-up that most Custom Trips planners don’t, which also allows them to have an OK app you can download on your iPhone /not optimized for Android/. In order to request your customized itinerary you need to register on their site.


√ We charge p/city, p/country or p/venue/interest. Our total price is almost half less than what a customized itinerary with Journy might cost you.

√ We don’t ask for our clients to register on our site because that requires giving out personal detail and exposing themselves to unwanted mail spam. We respect our clients’privacy and make sure their personal information is kept strictly confidential and used ONLY to plan a trip.

√ We are more flexible when we create the customized itineraries.


Tripit is the best app to create your own customized itinerary. It is free to download and the basic features you can use for FREE. If you travel more than three times a year, it is worth paying the $50 p/year fee for more advanced features. TRIPIT combines all of your travel details into one so you can access it at any time. However, you do need to e-mail all of

customized itineraries

Copy rights and credits to TRIPIT

those details to a general TRIPIT e-mail. Featured in Forbes, WSJ, New York Times.


√ We only operate through our website or social media channels. No app yet.

√ We have real people sitting and working on your customized itinerary while with TRIPIT it’s all computerized.


The Trip Trotter offers packaged tours and customized itineraries. Their prices are not clearly stated on the website, but they specialize in European trips. The Trip Trotter is a member of the U.S. Travel Association, Member of Signature Travel Network and Tzell Travel Group. Physical address of the company is not listed on the site, but they do offer affiliate links for hotel, flights, rental cars bookings. The Trip Trotter’s website is easy to navigate and very user friendly.

customized itineraries

Copy rights and credits to The Trip Trotter


√ Our prices are clearly stated

√ We create customized itineraries to any and all destinations

√ Our blog posts vary in thematics

√  Our contact info is complete and clear


If you need some TIPSforTRIPS or travel advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or via our on-site chat! We’d love to share our knowledge and expertise with you and help you out with your trip brainstorming ideas or making it all possible by proper budgeting. Bon Voyage!







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top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Do you still wonder where to spend your summer time off? Then, stop wondering right now and continue reading! We have chosen the Top 5 Most Interesting Islands for you to visit in summer 2018. Stunning beaches, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, cocktails, water sports–it is  all just a few clicks away from you.


Greece is probably the first place that comes to mind when thinking of island vacations. The islands of Malaysia is second behind, followed by Hawaii, the Bahamas or the Bermudas. Those are all wonderful island destinations, but are they really the top 5 most interesting islands? The truth is that there are so many islands in this world that it is impossible to visit all of them in this life, but you can still visit the top 5 most interesting islands and according to our research, evaluation and opinion they are: Rhodes, Greece; Newport, Rhode Island; Martha’s Vineyard, MA; Fiji and Hvar, Croatia . As you can, our list combines more popular with less popular islands, but each one of them is unique, so lets explore them briefly.


The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes offers you a perfect combination of history, archaeology, gorgeous beaches and more. Dotted with many small and beautiful towns and villages, Rhodes is the island where you

top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Lindos,Rhodes, Greece. Photo Credit to Custom Trip

will always want to return. A bit further down from Athens, Rhodes is accessible via a fairly long ferry ride or a quick flight out of the Athens International Airport. The capital, Rhodes City, it’s popular with its Medieval Street of the Knights and castle like palace of the Grand Masters. Beaches are few steps away from most accommodations and the nightlife is suitable to all tastes. What’s better than drinking wine under a sky full of stars in the company of your friends/loved one/family or even by yourself? Rhodes is fairly safe and there is a great public transportation between cities. Food prices are close to the inland part of Greece and you will be amazed how many street cats live there! We like to call it  “the cat island” because there are so many cats. The most interesting part is that they live in groups and not alone. Rhodes holds Italian, German, Ottoman and WWII history. It’s close proximity with Turkey allows you to do a one-day-ferry-trip to the next island, which is in Turkey, so you get “two birds with one stone”.


The East Coast of America offers a rich variety of inland and off-land activities. Newport, Rhode Island is one of the best places to visit in summer. The island dates back to the early settlement of the continent and holds a rich French

top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Newport, Rhode Island. Photo Credit to Custom Trip

heritage. Bellevue Ave is dotted with mansions from the 1800s that will leave you breathless. Each mansion has been hand crafted and the grounds are built with an experienced touch for beauty and elegance. Some of the mansions are still inhabited by their owners while others are part of the Newport Conservation Society and offered for tours.

Newport is also home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame where many “stars” of the respectable sport have a place today. Its Cliff’s Walk will give you a nice, longs stroll on the Atlantic coast and open great opportunities for professional or personal photography. The town’s main street–Thames St–is packed with restaurants offering fine dining, worldwide cuisine options and numerous distilleries and breweries. The city has a public transportation system, but it is also available by foot or bike. Come to Newport and leave a Newperson!


America’s most magical island is located less than 100 miles south of Boston. Part of the Cape Islands and neighboring with Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard is truly a magical and in ways mystical island. Away from the daily worries and stress that the rest of America experiences, the island takes pride with its diverse community, endless beaches covered with white sand or rocks, hiking trails, film festival, ginger bread houses and the oldest carousel.

top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Martha’s Vineyard, Photo Credit to Custom Trip

The six towns of the island offer you six unique experiences. Whether you like history, fishing, farming or shopping, you can find them all on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard. The historic district of Edgartown will present you with Old Whaling Captains’ homes, still inhabited and well maintained. Oak Bluff’s ginger bread houses are as cute as they could be and do look like houses taken out from ferry-tale stories. Menemesha’s fish market it is a must go to place if you like sea food and you will even get the chance to catch and/or choose your own lobster, and it will be skillfully cooked at the spot. Martha’s Vineyard has excellent public transportation system during the summer months, but it is also very bike friendly and once inside the towns you can easily reach places on foot.


The islands of Fiji used to be a dream to many in the ’90s, but somehow their fame have gone down in the past decade. Why is that?  Weather is one reason, for sure, but also–let’s be honest–they are n

top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Fiji Islands

ot the easiest destination to reach or the most affordable one. However, we highly recommend that you do visit, at least once in your life, the Fiji islands. The crystal clear water will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime swimming or water sports experiences while eating coconuts under a palm tree  during the ‘breaks’. The two most visited islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.  Snorkeling, scuba diving lessons and coral reefs will be at your feet. Imagine the golden skin tan color you will have upon your return home? The Fiji Islands always have and will continue to offer the most exotic island experience to everybody.


Croatia is still an emerging tourist destination, but for the seeking and curious traveler it is an easy to find destination. Located on the Adriatic sea, Croatia has numerous islands. Hvar is mostly a famous summer destination and its hillside tops, 13th century fortress, and main square dating back to  the Renaissance era proudly place it on our top 5 most interesting islands to visit in summer 2018 list.  Dubovica is its best beach, which is highly compatible in terms of pleasurable experience with the nearby lavender fields.

top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Hvar, Croatia

Numerous boats can take you from Hvar to other Croatian islands if you’re looking mostly for an “island-hopping” experience, but Hvar still remains a favorite to most of Croatia’s tourists. Hvar is reachable by bus and boat and you will most likely fly in-and-out of the capital Zagreb.

Mountains are mountains, but islands have always been the preferred destination for vacationing during the summer months. The attractiveness of the blue waters, sandy beaches covered with palm trees and the relaxing experience all of this atmosphere promises can’t be ignored when looking for a vacation destination. We hope that our list of Top 5 Most Interesting Islands  to Visit During Summer 2018 has pumped you up for a memorable summer and are here to answer any questions or help you plan your trip!


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how to easily get around Budapest on your own?


Budapest, Hungary is one of the safest European capitals to visit, but it is also becoming more popular each year. The city currently has population of almost 2,000,000 people and it is growing. It is beautifully located on the banks of the Danube river and provides tourists with limitless attractions. Its history goes back to the tribe of the Huns and the Hapsburg dynasty. World War II has left its marks on the city as well, but today Budapest thrives in modernism, rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, natural thermal baths and probably the best night life in Eastern and Central Europe.

Numerous bridges connect the hilly Buda part with the flat Pest. Public transportation in the city is more frequent than anywhere else and walking, and biking are great options too. Let’s dive a bit more into how to easily get around Budapest on your own.


You have few options:


You can take bus 200E from Ferenc Liszt International Airport and change to metro line M3 at Kobanya-Kispest terminus. This will cost you about 900HUF for bus 200E and a regular ticket for the metro line/subway. It will take you about an hour. Although it is widely used method to get from the airport to the downtown area we recommend our next option to our tourists.

How to easily get around Budapest on your own?

Public Transportation in Budapest. Mattias Church bus stop, Buda part


Once you arrive at Ferenc Liszt International Airport you will see the BKK public transport desk on your left. There you can purchase a ticket for the 100E bus line also known as airport shuttle. The ticket costs 900 HUF. When you exit the terminal, turn right and walk a couple minutes. You will see a big blue bus waiting, that’s your bus. It runs every 30 min, but there is always a bus there waiting and loading. Of course, you can also follow the line of tourists and you will find it. Usually they have a ticket collector by the bus that will cut your ticket, which serves as validation. In case there isn’t one, you need to validate your ticket inside the bus. There is  also a ticket vending machine right next to it where you can purchase a ticket, but keep in mind that ticket kiosk does not give change back!

The airport shuttle makes three stops in the downtown area: Kalvin Ter /one tram stop away from Fovam Ter/, Astoria and Deak Ferenc. The stops are announced inside the bus and there is also a screen showing them for your convenience.

The 100E bus runs from 4:30 AM until 11:30 PM daily.


In most foreign countries it is common for taxi drivers to charge foreigners a higher rate. It is the same in Budapest.  However, the airport works with a specific taxi company that is fair and efficient. You can arrange for a taxi while picking-up your luggage–the company desk is right next to luggage lanes–or download the City Taxi Budapest mobile app. If you have free international roaming you can call +36 2-111-111 It is about 30-40 euros from the airport to downtown.


Renting a car is always a convenient way to easily get around Budapest, but parking could be an issue as in every other larger European city. We recommend that you use Budget Rent a Car. Their prices are fair, cars are well maintained and fleet is big enough. If you have already purchased the BUDAPEST CARD, you get a discount! You can contact them in advance at, visit or call +36 (1)  700-4859


The public transportation of Budapest is actually not that complicated. It is fairly safe to use, but of course you should pay attention to your pockets and purses at bus stations and while riding on. If you have the BUDAPEST CARD that means you can use it on any method of transportation within the Budapest city district limits. Anything outside of it you will need to use the railway and purchase additional ticket. If you don’t have the BUDAPEST CARD you can purchase individual tickets or daily passes at BKK ticket kiosks. You can find corresponding prices here.

How to easily get around Budapest on your own?

View from the Citadel. Budapest, Hungary


If you are staying around the center or nearby Vaci Street, which is kind of the main walking and shopping alley of the city, then you should be able to reach most touristy attractions by foot. It is actually very nice to walk around Budapest as you can see much more of the city’s beautiful architecture, get a better feeling about it and stop at the numerous souvenir shops or restaurants.

If you do prefer to save time tram 2 is your best choice. It rides next to the Danube river and passes many political and historic buildings that are of significance to Hungarians. Tram 2 will also take you to the Parliament building, which is one of the main attractions.

Metro lines 1 & 3 go to other touristy areas. Deak Ferenc is the square where all metro lines cross and you can easily switch from one to another. Trams 47 and 49, who connect Buda with Pest, also make a stop there, as well as many other buses.

Bus 16, again from Deak Ferenc, will take you directly to Buda Castle and Mattias Church on the Buda side. The ride is very interesting and convenient. During the daytime hours the bus runs every 5 minutes, but after 6PM it comes every 15-20 minutes, and runs close to 11PM.

How to easily get around Budapest on your own?

Parliament Building. Budapest, Hungary

If you want to visit the Citadel you can take tram 47 or 49, get off at Morisz  Zsigmond korter M, then cross the road to your left and take bus 27 and it will take you up the hill. From there it’s about 10 min walking. You can also visit the Citadel as part of a hop-on-hop-off bus tour.

Budapest is stressful day 1, but easy to get around day 2, and feeling like home day 3. After that you just don’t want to leave. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals and it is also very affordable. There are things to do in Budapest year round and one visit is not enough to see all there is to see, nor do all there is to do!


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visiting London, photo credit to S.T.


My best graduation gift for being done with college was a trip to London. I had wanted to see it for so many years and the perfect time came for it. One of Europe’s most vibrant capitals and one of the world’s largest cities.

London has something and everything for everyone!

London is truly a city where the ‘old’ is ‘mixed’ with the new. It is a city that never sleeps. Its culture and vibrant life know no end, and while life there goes faster and faster, people still find time to stop by the Big Ben or Westminister Abbey, take a selfie or take a stroll through London’s Hyde Park.


I was only visiting London for 4 days, so I did not really have much time to see absolutely everything. That’s fine, though, as it gives me an excuse to return and dive once more into this beautiful city’s life, culture, and history.

I like to refer to my visit to London as “a marathon” because it’s exactly what I did. I got up early every day and was out and about on the streets, going from one place to another /mostly on foot/ from 9 AM until 10 PM. If you have already been to London, you would understand how physically exhausting this could be. But let me tell you: it was totally worth it!

After arriving in London, flying in from St.Louis, MO, I was shocked by how big the city actually is. It was a clear early September day and I was able to see the central part from the airplane window. Although I had previously been to Istanbul, Seattle, Chicago and other big cities, there was something about London I immediately found charming, classy and upbeat. Needless to say, my impressions were all proven right!


After settling in, I grabbed my backpack and went down to Trafalgar Square. Took a little stroll through the national gallery, went down to Piccadilly and a bit by the river. That little introduction to the city finished my first day.

After doing a thorough research on best places to visit in London, opening hours and admission’s fees — remember this was my college graduation gift, so the excitement might have been big, but the finances were limited — I figured out the best way to tour the city was to purchase a 3-Day City Pass with Travel Card. It gave me an advantage to quickly enter the museums and unlimited rides on all public transportation.

I first went to the Westminister Abbey and the Buckingham Palace, which seem to be the most visited attractions in London. While the Abbey has a sacred meaning for the Royal family, I believe what’s best about it is the architecture and design. Being preserved for so long, hiding so much history between its walls, and still standing as a type of an emblem to the British monarchy. I would say that Westminister Abbey should be anyone’ stop#1 when in London.

/Tip for Trip: sometimes there is a long line of people waiting to go in, so be there early/

The Buckingham Palace is simply magnificent! It’s size, history and the guards in front simply give a sense of aristocracy. It takes the tourists back to the 17-18 centuries where carriages with horses were arriving in the front of the palace, aristocrats and government officials were participating in decision makings, formal dinners including ballroom dances, and long nights full of the typical /which I find fabulous/ British sense of humor!

Unfortunately, it was my understanding that it is very hard for tourists to be given access inside the palace as it is still a functioning residency to the Royal family, so changing of the guards is the most one can see.


Being a history geek, I made it a point to visit as many historical and royal-related places a possible, but my most favorite one was the Windsor Castle.

The Windsor Castle. Photo credit:S.T.

The Windsor Castle. Photo credit:S.T.

Being located outside of London, I finally reached it after changing a train and two subway lines. The village of Windsor is small and cute, and it has the typical ‘tourist trap’ area where one can spend all of his money on souvenirs. The palace itself is gigantic! It is still used and if the Royal Standard is flown above it means that the Queen is in residence. There are organized tours but the best way to tour it is at your own pace. There is so much to see and lots of significant information about the history and the way it was built, as well as its location. The self-guided headsets come in handy and are included in the London City Pass.


I found it amazing to be walking on grounds where knights, kings, and queens were once walking. To enter hallways, dining halls and chambers where royalties have lived /only one wing of the castle is currently used by the Royal family/. If you like fairytales and heroic stories, then Windsor Castle is a place you should visit too.

Kensington Palace was my other favorite place. Dating back to Queen Victoria and her beloved Albert, the palace holds a rich history of art and objects presenting their life and her ruling years.

Whitehall, the Household Cavalry Museum, The Guard’s Museum are also places I would highly recommend if you care about world history.

The famous Tower of London, the Tower Bridge Exhibition, and the London Bridge are more about the “dark” side of the city. It is not a secret that once upon a time they had ‘strange’ methods of murder, punishments, and imprisonment.

The parliament and Big Ben are always there for nice selfies and/or group photos.


The British Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world with various collections and exhibits. The Science museum of London is highly recommended for people of all ages as it tells the stories of many new beginnings and inventions that took place in Europe. Both will take about 4-6 hours to tour, so plan on a full day for those. Admission to both is free.

The Victoria and Albert Museum was my favorite one. Art, art and more art that perhaps other than in Paris, you won’t see elsewhere.

The London Bridge. Photo credit: S.T.

The London Bridge. Photo credit: S.T.

Although huge, London is not hard to get around. Using the tube/subway is the best and fastest way. Purchasing the travel card was the best decision ever as it eased the process a lot. As long as you are not afraid of huge crowds of people and going deep under the ground, you will be fine. There are signs everywhere, as well as kind personnel to assist and guide you. Tubes are frequent and fast.

For the 4 days I spent in London I can see that I saw the Best of London, but London also got the best out of me. My feet were killing me and I was physically exhausted from running from one place to another /remember museums close around 4 or 5 PM/, jumping from tube to tube, but it was an amazing experience I would recommend to everyone

If you’re up to the challenge, I have a pre-made customized itinerary ready that you may purchase here for $25.


Author: S.T.


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How it works! Custom Trip


Custom Trip is the newest way of travel planning, trip organizing, and travel booking. Custom travel has been becoming more and more popular within the past 5 years and it will only get better. Searching for a specific, already put-up together, travel arrangements and tours are becoming less popular and soon will be overtaken by the Customized Trip industry.

Our Custom Trip is one of the first businesses to specialize in Customized Travel Itineraries only!


Custom Trip is truly your go-to Online Chamber of Commerce. Have you ever contacted a physical Chamber of Commerce? What did you ask them? What were you looking for? It is our guess that you were looking for ideas of where to go, what to see, how to get there, correct? This is what custom travel services do nowadays. Someone has already collected all that information, stored it, organized it and now it is easily accessible. There is no need to collect brochures from all the places you have been to or you want to visit because Custom Trip can give you all that information with a click of a “send” button.

The world is pretty big and it could be overwhelming to keep track of all events and arising in popularity touristy destinations, but that’s why so many traveling nomads, travel bloggers and Custom Trip, regularly post fresh content that covers these subjects, plus many more wonderful ideas of where to go, what to see, when to visit, and for how much. This is free information and easily accessible to you, as well as weekly newsletters. And we do like to call ourselves “ the online chamber of commerce” because with few clicks on the web we promote many local businesses from all over the world by sending them, tourists and curious visitors.


We have compiled a rich database of what we like to call “travel network”. In this travel network, we have the personal connections (on site people) who are available to provide us with any information we need in regards to current local events, best restaurants, best places to visit, etc. We have also compiled separate sections with hotels, hostels, restaurants, venues, activities, etc., that we use when we customize travel itineraries. We follow the client’s request and strictly keep things according to (in this exact order) his interests, budget, and timetable.

Our website, is simple and easy to navigate. We use it to gather clients’ trip requests under ‘plan here’. Our contact form is quite long, but also detailed. We try to get to know our New Custom Trip Traveler from step 1. We want to be as familiar as possible with his availability, points of departure and return, preferred activities, available budget for this particular trip so that we can create the best and most suitable customized trip plan for him. Once we have this information on an average, it takes about 10-15 min for a client to complete our contact form-we have 48 hours to prepare the travel itinerary including all travel logistics from the airport of departure to the return destination. Depending on the length of trip requested, we may plan it all in 24 hours. After payment is submitted (we use a secure payment system) we send the trip itinerary, i.e., customized trip plan.

We specifically customize all travel requests so no two trip plans will be the same and the final cost will differ too, again, based on customer’s preferences. 

We are not a travel agency, so we don’t do any of the booking or reservations. We suggest our top 3, based on your interests, budget, and timetable, and let you book it yourself. We do all the hard work to organize your trip, perform a detailed research and explore all possibilities, and all you have to do is say: “Yes, I love it! Then, book it!” The total time our clients spend on planning a trip with us is no more than 30 min.

premade customied itineraries

premade customized itineraries


Custom Travel is not an easy job neither for the traveler nor for the business. If you want to travel, but have no idea where you’re going then, chances are you are already lost. It is difficult to plan the logistics on how to get from point A to point B when visiting a foreign country. Unfortunately, cell phone data is still not available at all corners of the world, plus international data could be quite expensive.

This is what we specialize in: travel logistics for tourists. Custom Travel requires customized travel logistics and we provide you with those from the moment you leave your home to the day you return. No more confusion, no more “I asked, but they didn’t understand me because I don’t speak the language”;”I got lost”; “I missed my train or the taxi driver overcharged me because I am a foreigner.”-those you can completely forget about!

It takes time and specific skills to be a travel logistics planner and we have mastered those. 

Our travel guides and suggestions could be general and mentioned in an article or specifically designed as an online travel guide. Either way, the information is 100% accurate, verified and great to use when brainstorming your next trip.

Custom travel will be becoming more and more popular. It will take time, trust and adjustment to this type of travel planning and travel, but it will be way more rewarding at the end. You can still visit the classics such as Paris, London, Dubai, New York City, but now you can experience more than the hop-on-hop-off bus tour for the same amount of time and less money. Customized trips give you the freedom and independence to create your own travel itinerary from A to Z. You are in charge of it all! The people who offer custom trip plans are there to simply guide you and give you a hand.

BRIEF BIO: Silviya is the founder and managing director of Silviya’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge has always pushed her to explore the beautiful world we live in. She likes to visit new places, discover new things, and meet people with different backgrounds and to study foreign languages. Silviya’s most favorite travel destination is Greece and her specialty. She adores the Mediterranean cuisine, music, culture, and lifestyle. Silviya created Custom Trip because she believes that the best trips are the “spontaneous” ones. She is a firm believer that travel agencies overcharge for what they offer and rarely give you the opportunity to really dive into the local culture and places as you could have independently. Silviya supports “travel and learns” instead of “travel and shop”. She likes to have fun when traveling but also puts a great importance on visiting enriching cultural, architectural, culinary and artistic venues and museums.


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