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Custom Trip is a team of travel enthusiasts who love to explore new places, revisit “old places”, learn about different cultures and perfect our knowledge in foreign languages. We believe that one person could see most of the world in his lifetime and we strive to do the same in ours. We are the kind of people who encourage friends and family to save money for traveling and go out there and visit at least one new place every year. Our team loves to travel, but all of us love even more to share stories, experiences, and tips about our trips.


It is hard to create a trip that will match the most specific preferences and criteria, but this is exactly what we do at Custom Trip — we create a detailed trip plan for you, your family and/or group and we allow you to choose flying times, airlines, destinations, venues, etc. We make sure that it all fits in your time frame and budget. Perfectionism is one of our best qualities because we look closely and pay high attention to all minor details that travel agencies don’t have the time or patience to do so. When we work on creating a Custom Trip Plan, we first use our extensive knowledge of areas, modes of travel, venues, lodging, etc., and verify those through our personally created network database. Then, we perform…continue reading


Silviya T.

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Welcome to Custom Trip!

Silviya is the Owner & Managing Director of SilMart Trading Ltd. and its secondary services known as CUSTOMTRIP.ORG



Silviya’s natural curiosity has always pushed her to continuously explore the beautiful world we live in. She likes to visit new places, discover new things, learn new languages and meet people with different backgrounds and ethnicity.

She officially created Custom Trip in February 2017.  Silviya believes that the best trips are the ‘spontaneous’ ones. She never liked using a travel agency for her own trips. Tour operators charge too much for what they offer and they don’t give out any other information than what you can read on the internet for free. Silviya strongly supports and encourages learning and created Custom Trip with the idea to help people increase their knowledge of history, geography, architecture, music, cuisine, sports, languages, etc. by traveling and exploring, all at the same time while having fun!


Scott, MN, USA First of all, I wish to personally thank you for a job well done. The past three months in Europe has been the highlight of my travels, and I owe it all to you and your organization. That said, I would like to provide some feedback regarding my experiences. I did not know where to begin my planning, as there are so many places to see. I had traveled to Italy 2 years ago, but wanted to experience another part of Europe. Your recommendation of Bulgaria as a starting point was excellent, as it is easily accessible and convenient to Greece, which I have always wanted to visit. While I had some general ideas of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see, you took the time to understand my interests and develop a personalized travel plan that fit my time, budget, and pace.