Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard: The Mystic of the Atlantic

WELCOME TO MARTHA’S VINEYARD! An island like no other! A  place that few know that it exists, but those that come always return! Martha’s Vineyard is just about 7 miles off the coast of Massachusetts and part of the Cape Islands. Nearby is the Nantucket island and the Elizabeth Islands. A place famous for its wild grapes and countless vineyards, the island is famous today with its unique atmosphere, six small and charming towns all different from each other, rich history, beautiful landscapes, and stunning beaches. There is something for everyone on this island and more! During the winter months, …

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How to travel in a new way?


HOW TO TRAVEL IN A NEW WAY? The world has shrunk enough where people are free and able to travel however they’d like to. The internet is literally congested with links to travel agencies, travel consultants, travel planners, discount cruises, “all of your dream trips”, etc., but how many of those trip organizers, so to call them, actually think of you when they put your itinerary together? How many of them think of YOU, as an individual and/or group, when you collect the big fees? Our guess is…not so many.  It is no longer as fashionable, nor prestige, to travel …

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