10 best places for Christmas


It is CHRISTMAS and “THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR”! Whether or not you’re looking into spending Christmas at home, with family, alone, traveling, working, or you see Christmas as another holiday, i.e., a day of festivities, you should still check out our specially selected 10 MOST POPULAR PLACES TO VISIT FOR CHRISTMAS. #1. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND Snowy peaks, fresh winter breeze, cobbled roads and … and … chocolate — what more could you ask for at Christmas? This fantastic combo takes us to Zurich, Switzerland. Beautifully situated in the magnificent Alps Zurich is among the winners for gorgeous Christmas …

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traveling, the road less traveled, customized trip


M. Scott Peck has written a great book called “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED” that today’s business people love to read and implement its teachings into their offices. The ‘psychological tricks’ one can learn from the book are endless and all useful. However, today I would like to share with you few “tips for trips” on the Customized ‘road less traveled’. WHAT IS “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED”? We all follow different paths in life. We have our backgrounds, goals, and dreams that we decide to pursue. Some are attainable, some are not, but we all try to steadily press forward.  At …

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Travel with Custom Trip


There are so many travel agencies out there and tour operators that are dying to sign you up for one of their trips. They offer “exciting trips at affordable prices” and holiday specialties. However, they rarely see you as an individual with specific and unique needs and desires. This is where Custom Trip comes in. √ the entire trip is planned and organized according to your desires, budget, timetable, and needs √ you get to see places tour operators rarely include in their tours √ you get to meet travelers from all over the world and make international friends √ …

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View of Plovdiv From Nebet Hill, Photo Credit: Custom Trip Team


PLOVDIV, BULGARIA Plovdiv, Bulgaria is one of the world’s oldest cities. Located somewhat centrally, on seven hills, in the Thracian Valley of Bulgaria it offers moderate climate and four distinct seasons. It is considered to be the second largest city in the country and has been nominated as European Capital of Culture for 2019. Plovdiv is famous for its rich history, dating back to 6th century BC, and is rich in archaeological sites. Today Plovdiv offers a unique combination of the past and present, where numerous activities, exhibits, competitions and venues offer a variety of entertainment and educational programs for …

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