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“Nantucket!” is what people happily say when the ferry reaches the island. Quietly, peacefully and nicely situated in the midst of the Atlantic ocean, Nantucket has been home to many.

Madaket Beach. Photo Credit to Custom Trip.

The best part of the island is that it is far enough from the main land and the rest of the world. The distance and isolation keeps the island untouched in nature and away from the “bad”. In addition, Nantucket prides with its small, strong year round community that has preserved the old traditions of “help your neighbor”.

Now, let me share my experience on Nantucket and why I chose to call this beautiful place a home too.


First time I heard of this place was few years ago. I paid zero attention and had zero interest in learning anything about it. Then, I ended up going to Martha’s Vineyard for a season and I kept hearing of the neighboring island to the north. When I asked about it, the Vineyarders told me “Oh, it is such a beautiful place, but way too expensive!” And that was it. All I knew about it. Oh, I must not forget and say that Martha’s Vineyards locals rely on Nantucket to take the ocean winds and occasionally hurricanes and that way preserve the Vineyard. All of it being true, I decided to come and see Nantucket for myself.

Steps Beach. Photo credit to Custom Trip


I thought I had planned it all to visit Nantucket and then, as it often happens in life, it all fell thorough. Then, last year the miracle happened! I was staying in Newport, RI for the summer and an acquaintance suggested I spend my birthday on Nantucket. Laughing on the idea at first, I quickly realized that was the opportunity and took a chance on it. After driving to New Bedford, MA and missing the ferry because I did not know I had to book a seat away in advance, I decided once again it was just not meant to be. Then, the crazy idea of driving to Hyannis, MA came ot my mind and I took a chance again.

Once in Hyannis, it turned out all tickets were already sold, so I once again decided it was not meant to be. And somehow the magic happened there too…again…and a seat opened. Once on the ferry I knew I was about to experience something very special!

Photo credit to Custom Trip


It really looked like Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard at first. That comparison ended when I discovered the real Nantucket all covered with cobbled stone. Did you know that once was a swamp? Part of the ocean? Yes, it was! But with ocean levels rising or withdrawing at certain parts it now is the most beautiful downtown/center area I have seen in the United States!


Charming boutique stores, delicious home made ice cream, benches all over the place with people chatting or my favorite (drum roll) reading! Yes, reading is a huge thing on Nantucket! There are multiple park/garden areas on the island when one can quietly enjoy a nice book surrounded by beautiful and authentic nature. The Nantucket Library — the Atheneum — looks like your typical Greek building. 🙂 You get it, right? “Athens” and “Atheneum”? The architecture of this small island is spectacularly different, unique and aesthetic! Of course, you have few neighborhoods that kind of don’t fit in, but there is only so much one can stay away from globalization or the rest of the world.


If you want to know where to go when visiting Nantucket or what to see, my simple advise is “Google”! If you want to know why so many come to Nantucket and never leave, then continue reading. 🙂

Nantucket is a very,very small island, but inhabited by people with big hearts, genuine smalls and true to their traditions, principles and roots. The locals are helpful and very friendly! Two qualities hard to find on mainland America or anywhere else in the world. The tightly knit Nantucket community continue to follow their ancestors’ independent, honest and hard working steps. Work starts at the crack of dawn and ends with sunset. People, generally, have multiple jobs and still they wish they live nowhere else. Regardless of the high cost of living, Nantucket offers to its inhabitants something more precious and valuable than money itself: it offers a true feeling of home and belonging!

Once part of a glacier, Nantucket offers various, preserved and gorgeous nature. Every beach is public and I must say that Steps Beach is my favorite on the North Shore and Madaket Beach

Photo credit to Custom Trip

is a favorite on the South Shore. The white sanded Steps Beach gives you a small, well organized, calm waters beach, while Madaket will introduce you to some crazy beautiful sunsets and the local seals.


Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to make two steps forward. But sometimes we just need to sail “away off shore..” and experience life on an old island who proudly continuous in its traditions while trying its best to stay independent from the outside world! And spend time at a place where the soul, the heart and the mind are finally on the same page in life and that page has been titled harmony!

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