Cebu, Philippines,

It was in 2014 when I first went to Cebu City for a holiday trip and never did I know that I will grow fond of it.

It was just a matter of luck that I had a job that required me to travel a lot and one of the destinations I frequently visited was Cebu. It was because of the occasional visits that I got the chance to know and connect to this wonderful place.


It’s a bustling metropolis with hidden wilderness gems. The traffic is so bad especially during rush hour and all people are such in a hurry. But when you just go out of the central city, you will see more of its laid-back side. I was amazed to experience how a 30-minute drive can give you both the peace you need and a good scenery to see. To me, switching from the “hurry” mode to “chill “mode real quick is one of its magic. 

Cebu, Phillippines
Swimming with the whale sharks. Photo credit: Marjorie,


I love them. I really love them. Being able to work with different people in Cebu, I was able to experience first hand their hospitability as well as straightforwardness. They will welcome you in the city and help you the best way they can. And oh, did I mention most of them are very good in speaking English compared to Tagalog (known to be the first language of Filipinos and is widely spoken).

Places and To-Dos

I really love the variety of the places you can visit and the adventures you can take. I was like ticking off my bucket list one at a time in the same place. It is truly a place for every kind of traveler.

If you want to go high, try Sky Walk Experience or Skydiving which is not for people who are faint-hearted (like me) though I did the first one. All about pushing the limits for adventures.

Cebu, Phillippines
Hike to Osmena Peak. Photo credit: Marjorie,

But if you prefer to be in the water, why not swim with the whale sharks? 

Want to get closer to nature? Go to Kawasan Falls or hike the tallest mountain in Cebu and stand on Osmeña Peak. I did and it was a very beautiful experience. The hike was relatively easy but the sight was priceless.

Or if you are keen to know some of the historical places, visit Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, 1730 Jesuit House, Cebu Heritage Monument, the famous Magellan’s Cross and more. You can never go wrong with the chunks of knowledge you will learn.

Maybe you just want to be awed by some beautiful structure, try Temple of Leah or the Simala Church. Try to ask the story behind these structures, I am totally astonished when the locals told me the story of these two.Truly, you can never run out of things to do and places to see.


I ate a lot of lechon (roasted pork) while I was here. Cebu is very famous for this dish. Fun fact, the rice here is called “Puso” a Tagalog word for love.  

Cebu, Phillippines
Famous Lechon. Photo credit: Marjorie,

You can have a hearty lunch around Php 60.00 ($1.19). A room in a hotel for Php 1,700.00 ($34.00) but of course there are other cheaper options for accommodations. The activities you can do ranges from being free to Php 800 ($15.00) or more. There’s a variety of mode of transportation. You can ride the jeepney, hail a cab or request for an Uber. I remember that I budgeted about Php 2,000.00 ($40.00) for my transportation and I was able to roam all over the city and some out of the city scenery.

Overall, it’s pretty cheap for a metropolis.

My thoughts

Cebu won its place in my heart. I don’t exactly know if Cebu practically grew up in me but I love everything about it. I had developed this feeling of “being home” whenever I was here. One day, I’ll be back again to discover more of it.



This is a guest post written by Marjorie Fernando. The author of the blog LIFE IN 360 DEGREES ( She writes about her experiences starting a new life in Melbourne, Australia, and bits of pieces of traveling around the world.

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