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Custom Trip is the newest way of travel planning, trip organizing, and travel booking. Custom travel has been becoming more and more popular within the past 5 years and it will only get better. Searching for a specific, already put-up together, travel arrangements and tours are becoming less popular and soon will be overtaken by the Customized Trip industry.

Our Custom Trip is one of the first businesses to specialize in Customized Travel Itineraries only!


Custom Trip is truly your go-to Online Chamber of Commerce. Have you ever contacted a physical Chamber of Commerce? What did you ask them? What were you looking for? It is our guess that you were looking for ideas of where to go, what to see, how to get there, correct? This is what custom travel services do nowadays. Someone has already collected all that information, stored it, organized it and now it is easily accessible. There is no need to collect brochures from all the places you have been to or you want to visit because Custom Trip can give you all that information with a click of a “send” button.

The world is pretty big and it could be overwhelming to keep track of all events and arising in popularity touristy destinations, but that’s why so many traveling nomads, travel bloggers and Custom Trip, regularly post fresh content that covers these subjects, plus many more wonderful ideas of where to go, what to see, when to visit, and for how much. This is free information and easily accessible to you, as well as weekly newsletters. And we do like to call ourselves “ the online chamber of commerce” because with few clicks on the web we promote many local businesses from all over the world by sending them, tourists and curious visitors.


We have compiled a rich database of what we like to call “travel network”. In this travel network, we have the personal connections (on site people) who are available to provide us with any information we need in regards to current local events, best restaurants, best places to visit, etc. We have also compiled separate sections with hotels, hostels, restaurants, venues, activities, etc., that we use when we customize travel itineraries. We follow the client’s request and strictly keep things according to (in this exact order) his interests, budget, and timetable.

Our website, is simple and easy to navigate. We use it to gather clients’ trip requests under ‘plan here’. Our contact form is quite long, but also detailed. We try to get to know our New Custom Trip Traveler from step 1. We want to be as familiar as possible with his availability, points of departure and return, preferred activities, available budget for this particular trip so that we can create the best and most suitable customized trip plan for him. Once we have this information on an average, it takes about 10-15 min for a client to complete our contact form-we have 48 hours to prepare the travel itinerary including all travel logistics from the airport of departure to the return destination. Depending on the length of trip requested, we may plan it all in 24 hours. After payment is submitted (we use a secure payment system) we send the trip itinerary, i.e., customized trip plan.

We specifically customize all travel requests so no two trip plans will be the same and the final cost will differ too, again, based on customer’s preferences. 

We are not a travel agency, so we don’t do any of the booking or reservations. We suggest our top 3, based on your interests, budget, and timetable, and let you book it yourself. We do all the hard work to organize your trip, perform a detailed research and explore all possibilities, and all you have to do is say: “Yes, I love it! Then, book it!” The total time our clients spend on planning a trip with us is no more than 30 min.

premade customied itineraries
premade customized itineraries


Custom Travel is not an easy job neither for the traveler nor for the business. If you want to travel, but have no idea where you’re going then, chances are you are already lost. It is difficult to plan the logistics on how to get from point A to point B when visiting a foreign country. Unfortunately, cell phone data is still not available at all corners of the world, plus international data could be quite expensive.

This is what we specialize in: travel logistics for tourists. Custom Travel requires customized travel logistics and we provide you with those from the moment you leave your home to the day you return. No more confusion, no more “I asked, but they didn’t understand me because I don’t speak the language”;”I got lost”; “I missed my train or the taxi driver overcharged me because I am a foreigner.”-those you can completely forget about!

It takes time and specific skills to be a travel logistics planner and we have mastered those. 

Our travel guides and suggestions could be general and mentioned in an article or specifically designed as an online travel guide. Either way, the information is 100% accurate, verified and great to use when brainstorming your next trip.

Custom travel will be becoming more and more popular. It will take time, trust and adjustment to this type of travel planning and travel, but it will be way more rewarding at the end. You can still visit the classics such as Paris, London, Dubai, New York City, but now you can experience more than the hop-on-hop-off bus tour for the same amount of time and less money. Customized trips give you the freedom and independence to create your own travel itinerary from A to Z. You are in charge of it all! The people who offer custom trip plans are there to simply guide you and give you a hand.

BRIEF BIO: Silviya is the founder and managing director of Silviya’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge has always pushed her to explore the beautiful world we live in. She likes to visit new places, discover new things, and meet people with different backgrounds and to study foreign languages. Silviya’s most favorite travel destination is Greece and her specialty. She adores the Mediterranean cuisine, music, culture, and lifestyle. Silviya created Custom Trip because she believes that the best trips are the “spontaneous” ones. She is a firm believer that travel agencies overcharge for what they offer and rarely give you the opportunity to really dive into the local culture and places as you could have independently. Silviya supports “travel and learns” instead of “travel and shop”. She likes to have fun when traveling but also puts a great importance on visiting enriching cultural, architectural, culinary and artistic venues and museums.


Silviya Topchiyska

An aspiring Finance graduate who has experience in entrepreneurship, sales, management, banking...when wearing the business suit. Travel Blogger & Wine Enthusiast when wearing shorts and t-shirt! I love to travel and I love to plan all of my trips ahead of time from A to Z! Long time ago, I figured out it's the best way to do it and TODAY I am sharing my travel planning, organizational and budgeting skills with you!

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