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Welcome to Nantucket or I hope you have already packed for a great time! 🙂

Below you can find pre-made customized itineraries for 1, 2 and 3 days stay on Nantucket. I also created a very detailed and super easy to use guide on “How to get around Nantucket”. I worked for the island’s bus system for a summer, so I am familiar with the island, roads and routes.  Trust me, using Nantucket’s Public Transit can seem hard and stressful, especially if visiting for first time. So, I decided to make things easy for you and created this guide.

Note: These are pre-made itineraries so no reservations or bookings have been made, but  no worries! I can certainly book and reserve  tours, rental bikes, rental cars, restaurants, etc. I can’t book accommodation or airfare for you. Call or text me at (801) 448-3756 with your name, request and details and I will send you back an authorization form to fill out. I only use the information once! After I book and verify your reservations I destroy/shred that authorization and your payment information.

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Being in a new place or not having your car with you could be stressful. No worries! Nantucket is a small enough island and you can see all of it in few days only by walking, biking or using the public transportation. I created this guide because I know it will help you out! Enjoy your time on Nantucket stress-free.

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Visiting Nantucket for first time and/or only for a day? Then look no further because this is your complete guide to all the popular places you have only heard of before + more. It is 100% customized & yours!

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Spend 2 memorable days on Nantucket with this 100% customized itinerary. It tells you everything you need to do, see and more.

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Yes! It is true that you can see all of Nantucket in 3 days. There are ten beaches on the island and about as many bike paths. You can try to figure them all out or just download this 100% customized itinerary. It tells you & explains EVERYTHING!

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“I am sending you a message! It’s just one word! It’s borne by the sweetest wind that blow, Over blue miles of flashing sea. Black-dotted with ducks flying low…NANTUCKET! And this is my message to you. It’s a vision fulfilled, a dream come true!”–Mary E. Starbuck

Note: This is not a travel agency, so I do not book airfare and/or accommodation for you. I can do the research and offer suggestions.

I can book restaurants, tours and activities in advance for you ONLY with written authorization and provided with a credit card. I will provide you with several recommendations from which to choose.

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