Customized Travel Plans for Seniors Citizens.


There are many advantages to travel when you are young and single, but there are as many to travel when a senior (single or not)! Yes, you might not go bungy jumping at age 55+, but you will get to see the rest of the world with an experienced eye. Now that you have completed your career, raised your children, paid off the house, there’s no better time than to hit the road and go traveling!

There are so many wonderful places you can visit and so many things you can see, the opportunities are almost limitless! Once you begin to search for the perfect vacation, you will encounter thousands of websites and all of them will give you “the hottest” offers possible. Nothing bad with that! The only problem is that most of “hottest offers” are ALL THE SAME with a few bucks differences here-and-there.  This is not what you need! It’s not something worth spending your hard-saved money on! You need a trip that is specifically designed for you. You want a vacation that you have dreamed of for the past 20+ years. You want to visit the place you’ve always said you want to go to when you retire. We, at Custom Trip, do just that: we take people where they want to go and make their dreams come true.


√ you choose all destinations;

√ you set the time frame and budget;

√ you choose ONLY the activities you want to participate in and ONLY the places you want to visit;

√ you choose the food you want to eat;

√ you choose your airline, which can help you with earning miles  (if you haven’t yet signed-up for a mileage account, we strongly suggest you do and here is why);

√ you choose how to get from point A to point B while on your trip;

√ you choose the people you want to associate with;

√ you have all logistics in your hand, so you don’t have to wonder which bus or tram to take to visit the place you want to go to, nor you need to worry of getting lost because, let’s be honest, often technology ‘gives up on us’ at the most inconvenient moments and we are lost. When you choose to plan your trip with Custom Trip, we make sure you have the logistics, whether in a paper or digital format, or both. We are also available 24/7 in case you have questions or concerns.

…and of course, life is not always a bed of roses, so there are pros and cons for everything!

Additional Benefits of planning your trip with Custom Trip.


Custom Trip is not a travel agency. So, how do we do customized travel plans for seniors? We don’t do any bookings! We research and find the best options according to your trip request, time availability and budget, then we offer suggestions. We always strive to find the best available accommodation and flights for the best price! We do our best to save our travelers money so that they can invest it towards their next trip! Then, you get to book your own accommodation and your own flight. We don’t collect payment or personal information other than for the small fee we charge to plan your trip, but we use PayPal for that, so it’s 100% secure. We don’t use your e-mail address to send you spam! We only send newsletters to people who have personally subscribed to it.


We also don’t organize tours for a group of 20+ people, which means you will travel alone or with your companion. Sometimes, depending on the request, we can organize a trip for up to 5-6 people. So you won’t be part of a large, loud group of tourists. You also don’t get a set schedule of where to be at what time. We can make a day-to-day schedule for you, if you’d like us to, yes, but it won’t be the typical touristry schedule that agencies make. We love to offer our travelers the choice to decide on how to spend their days. We give suggestions, we do mock schedules, but we don’t tell you what to do. It is your trip and we want to leave it that way!

As you have already seen, we are not an online platform where you can customize your trip on your own. Why? Three reasons:

  1.  When you customize your trip with an online platform, you don’t get to make changes or modify it if you want. The online platforms also don’t give you information if a venue is closed for restoration or other reasons, or if there are strikes or other types of disruptions. Those are day-to-day matters, which we carefully follow and plan around. We include up to 2 FREE modifications to every trip plan!
  2. When you book through an online platform you don’t know the total price until it’s time to pay. We have set prices, so you can budget accordingly.
  3. Most online platforms require you to log-in in order to plan your trip. That means they collect your personal information regardless if you decide to use their services or not. What happens next? You start receiving marketing calls and endless spamming emails with offers.

    Customized Trips for groups and individuals
    Custom Trip.

People have called our services “old fashioned”. Maybe they are, but we believe that the best job is the hand-made job. The highest quality clothes and souvenirs in this world were hand-made and this is the “method of production” we follow too. We put emphasis on quality rather than quantity and don’t mind the few extra drops of sweat, as long as we can offer you the perfect trip plan!






Silviya Topchiyska

An aspiring Finance graduate who has experience in entrepreneurship, sales, management, banking...when wearing the business suit. Travel Blogger & Wine Enthusiast when wearing shorts and t-shirt! I love to travel and I love to plan all of my trips ahead of time from A to Z! Long time ago, I figured out it's the best way to do it and TODAY I am sharing my travel planning, organizational and budgeting skills with you!

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