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NANTUCKET is a gem of an island located 30 miles away off shore. Part of the beautiful state of Massachusetts and being the “younger brother” to neighboring Martha’s Vineyard island, Nantucket has not yet disappointed any of its visitors. The island’s rich culture dates back to the native American tribes of the Wampanoag; its diverse nature was shaped during the ice melt of the last ice age; its sea waters continue to impress young and old. The Nantucketer of today is a person who has “left it all” to gain even more! The island’s peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is nothing but captivating.

TODAY we want to give you the opportunity to experience the island in the most simple way possible: thru photographs. It is true that a  video might impress you more, but we want to let you come to your own conclusions. The photographs you are about to see are taken with a simple iPhone, not being filtered. We want you to experience the island in your own way. Of course, those are some of our favorite photographs of Nantucket, but every photo of the island is a favorite. Throughout our many journeys around the world and by talking to people, we have learned that perception is everything. People perceive beauty differently and form memorable feelings in hundreds of way. Today, it is your turn to experience Nantucket based on your own perception, feelings and impressions. We simply provide the way.

  1. Nantucket in picturesThe Whaling Museum is visitors’ first stop. Located no more than 5 min walk from both ferry terminals the Whaling Museum of Nantucket will take you back to the time the island was an iceberg, introduce you to the skillful Wampanoags and give you a piece of the glory of a Nantucket whaler to take back home with you.
  2. Nantucket in picturesSteps Beach is a favorite! Still in town and accessible by foot, bike or a city bus. The sand is white, clean and the dotted with hundreds of  seashells patches. The water is shallow, shark free (very important to mention) and as you see: it is gorgeous in color.
  3. Nantucket in picturesNantucket Harbor is one of a kind! Nantucket is a very cozy and welcoming island and so is its harbor. Well put together, Nantucket is served today by both the Hy-line Cruise & The Steamship Authority, making the island easily accessible unless mother nature take its turn.
  4. Nantucket in pictures Nantucket has three lighthouses. Brant Point Lighthouse is the most popular of all three. It welcomes and sends guests and locals away multiple times a day. It is located right next to the harbor and its light has been a rescuing hope for many sailors and fishermen throughout the decades. Rumors say that if you throw three pennies off the ferry while passing by Brant Point Lighthouse on your way out, your return to Nantucket is guaranteed.
  5. Nantucket in picturesNantucket town is all history. In fact, the whole island is history. If you happen to be a history buff like most of our staff, then do read the books by Nathaniel Philbrick — a local author and historian. The famous Nantucket brick buildings surround the downtown area. This is the Jared Coffin House built in 1845. Serving as a boutique historical inn today this beautiful building once belonged to a successful whaling captain, who is a descendant of Tristram Coffin–one of the first English settlers on the island. Mr. Coffin purchased Nantucket for 30 pounds from Thomas Mayhew. Many people in the US are related to the Coffin dynasty and proudly return to Nantucket every summer. Have you done your genealogy?
  6. Nantucket in picturesNantucket’s gardens are outstanding! No wonder they call it a “picture perfect island”! This one is a private yard and will take you some effort to find, but the easiest way is to go to the old fishing village of Sconset. Be prepared to be completely charmed with the Old Sconset Cottages located on the edge of the bluffs. 
  7. Nantucket in picturesNantucket quickly became one of our favorites! The island is absolutely walking and biking friendly. In fact, it is highly recommended to move around with a bike unless you are willing to pay a $20 valet fee, waste hours trying to find a parking spot or have your car be scratched in the narrow streets (they are all narrow). Not to forget the $250 one-way fee you will have to pay to get your car on the vehicle ferry in Hyannis. There are many bicycle rent shops on the island. Young’s Bicycle is a good option. Using the new trACK app will take you all over the island by bike and give you all the basic facts you need to know.
  8. Nantucket in picturesIt is exactly what it looks like: a full moon over Nantucket. We know (we hope) you have seen the moon before, but there is something very special and tranquil about moon watching on Nantucket. Recommended activity for August! In addition, there is the Nantucket star gazing night on Surfside beach every year (in August) organized by the Maria Mitchell’s Association. We do hope you come to Nantucket with a ready list with all of your wishes because the chances that you will see as many shooting stars are very high!
  9. Nantucket in picturesIt may be old fashioned, but the traditions Nantucket Island has kept throughout the decades are what makes it and keeps it unique. Yes, that’s right — this is a hard copy of a book! Not that there isn’t excellent cell or wifi coverage on the island, but there is something magical when flipping through the pages of a real book. Nantucketers understand that and they make great effort of supporting the local bookstores: Mitchell’s Book Corner & Nantucket Bookworks.  It is very common to see people reading on the street benches, in front of Churches, on the beach, on the bus…everywhere. The annual Nantucket Book Festival brings famous authors to the island and gives a chance to newbies to fulfill their dreams and put them on paper.
  10. Nantucket in picturesFor the fisherman of Nantucket there are two irreplaceable  signs of a successful day out in sea. The first one, of course, is to take home a full loaded boat with potential seafood. The second one is to send off the day by witnessing the one of a kind Nantucket sunset. Tip: Dionis beach offers the better sunset views than Madaket beach.

NANTUCKET stands as a symbol of a noble past! A past full of life long lessons; a past full of examples given by hard-working and determined people; a past full of failures and successes; a past that inspires the present. The island is a popular tourist destination for partying, drinking, weddings, but we hope that after this article you will come and experience Nantucket for its true nature and character. The small 3 1/2 miles wide and nearly 14 miles long island has a lot more to offer than what you can find on Google.


If you need a tailored trip plan to visit this “jewel of the sea”, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll see you there!

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