How to travel in a new way?


The world has shrunk enough where people are free and able to travel however they’d like to. The internet is literally congested with links to travel agencies, travel consultants, travel planners, discount cruises, “all of your dream trips”, etc., but how many of those trip organizers, so to call them, actually think of you when they put your itinerary together? How many of them think of YOU, as an individual and/or group, when you collect the big fees? Our guess is…not so many. 

It is no longer as fashionable, nor prestige, to travel with an organized group or have a travel agency arrange everything for your trip because things have become cliches. More and more people plan their own trips, read blogs to learn about unique and beautiful places, participate in forums to get some tips on safety and to find which websites offer cheap airfares. These are just the starting steps in how to travel in the new way.


‘How to travel in a new way’ is one of our new methods of promoting and encouraging customized trips simply because a trip should fit the individual and/or group paying for it as clothes should fit us well before we purchase them. Let us explain what we mean by that through a basic example:

John just graduated from college with a degree in Biology. He is thinking of taking a trip to South America and using the money he received from his family in honor of his graduation. John’s best friends had already visited the most famous places in South America and they have told him all those awesome stories and shared their adventures. He wants to have the same experiences as them, but he also wants to see something more interesting than the night bars in Brazil or the statue in Rio de Janeiro. John has done his ‘homework’ and has research and talked to many travel agencies, but everything seems very expensive to him. After all, he just graduated college and doesn’t have a job yet, so he doesn’t want to spend all of the money he received as a gift, but he really wants to make that trip. So John googled a little bit more and found a way to plan his trip entirely, choose where he wants to go, what to see, and all of that according to his budget and planned in every single detail. At the end, John not only ended up having fun at the night bars in Brazil, stayed in a luxurious and great hostel (by his choice) in Sao Paolo, but he also got to explore untouched by humans biological creatures on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. He returned $1,5000 home that he saved on his trip.

So…this is just a simple example of John’s trip, but are you ready to travel in a new way and leave the stereotypes of trip planning in the past where they belong? Do you know how to travel in a new way? If you do or don’t, tell us today what your dream trip/destination is and we will quickly put your detailed plan + all logistics for you.


“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

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