YOU ARE PROBABLY wondering how are things going to be now! You are probably unsure whether traveling or taking a vacation is a good idea! I hope this short guide and information will help you adjust to the “new normal” and visit Nantucket!


The biggest change you will first notice are the “Wear a Mask” and “Mask Zone” signs. They are all over downtown/historic district Nantucket. The Board of Health has asked everybody to wear a face covering when walking thru downtown and/or in Siasconset. There are people wearing blue t-shirts that give masks away for free or politely remind you to wear one. To be honest, sometimes they are definitely not polite about it and some locals can approach you by starting with “Who do you think…?” or “You don’t think you…”. Don’t let that scare you! People are very afraid of Covid-19, but if you already made the decision to come to Nantucket and to have a great vacation, then I say move along with it!


You will be happy to find your favorite dining places on Nantucket open. The chefs are excited to share their talent and new seasonal recipes with you! Be advised that you are required to wear a mask to and while in the restaurants unless you are sitting at a table. It is per order by the Governor.Nantucket

Restaurants are only allowed to book tables for up to 6 people. So if you come in a group of 10 they will most likely not accommodate you. You are not allowed to book two tables at the same time. My two cents on that: grab one of your friends and two of you make two separate reservations under different names and credit cards. While you might not be able to get the two tables next to each other; you can negotiate that with the host/hostess once you are IN the restaurant.

Most restaurants have limited hours of operations and are short staffed this season. Many are closed Sunday and Mondays. Others are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For exact opening schedules, please contact me personally. Be advised that most of the opening hours listed on Google are incorrect. Many have started using Resy and Open Table, but be aware that what those two platforms show you is not always updated. Your best bet is to contact the restaurants by phone. However, your call may not be returned for hours and/or you may hear a friendly message saying they do not accept reservations left on the voice message machine. Again, please contact me and I can give you more information and tips on how to get those restaurant reservations.



The Pearl & The Boarding House have united this season due to shortness in staff and limited service.

The Gaslight & The Nautilus have united too.


The bike paths and 82 miles of coastline come in handy during a pandemic! Everybody wants to get out of the house and be in nature. Nantucket is the perfect escape! You can combine trails and beach outings.  You can ride a horse.  You can go kayaking or paddle boarding. Water skiing and kite surfing are excellent sports with natural social distancing practices. 🙂Nantucket

Unfortunately, there are still no bus tours available, but I can quickly customize a great walking tour for you!

The Whaling Museum is open! All you need to do is visit their website and purchase your tickets in advance. They only allow so many people in the museum at a time, so this is a great way to secure your visit. There are also organized historic walking tours of the downtown. Please, contact me for the details!


I wouldn’t spend another day wondering whether I should visit Nantucket this year or not! An event can only change your life if you let it. You won’t know what’s true or not unless you come to see for yourself.

Nantucket is as beautiful as ever and becoming busier by the day. Most tourists (right now) are from neighboring New England states. It is likely to encounter visitors from other areas of the country too.


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