Copy rights to Chateau Kolarovo

Once upon a time…

This is how every fairy tale begins! When you read them, you become part of another person’s life and you dive into the story…

When you are the writer of the story…you put your dreams in words. Sometimes it takes time, it is hard and exhausting, but other times you are quick, steady and are writing swiftly.
The span of your pen can only be directed by your deepest and most sincere dreams.

Copy rights to Chateau Kolarovo
Copy rights to Chateau Kolarovo

But before all, we would like to tell you a secret. You might have already heard about it, but fairy tales are not real. Are you surprised? Perhaps not! In those stories goodness always defeats evil and light always conquers darkness. At the end there is only light and goodness. Reality, however, is different, very different and has its own roots. Sometimes the reality could be horrifying, but other times it is happy and sweet. Although, our story is real, there is nothing you should be afraid of because there is no darkness and no bad in it. Our story is full of deep heart-felt wishes and lots of hard work; with mysteries and happiness; and the only tears we share here are shed with joy.

Thus, we like to call our reality a fairytale.

Let us share it with you now!

Once upon a time there were some old magical vines…This is how our magical reality begins.

Straddled in the southern bosom of South Sakar mountain, the vineyards whispered stunning stories from the ancient ages when man and nature were one whole. People, once they had realized that the grapes have healing and magical powers, watched over the vineyards from dusk to dawn, during the hot summer days and the cold winter nights. The Sun and The Wind noticed the selfless care those people were giving to their vineyard. They perceived the inexhaustible and pure-hearted love those humans were generously offering and decided to help them out in making the magic happen. This was one true and ancient magic that gave us a divine gift – our vineyards! Some of the oldest vineyards on the Balkan Peninsula! They are being spoiled daily by the Mediterranean breeze and the endless love coming from the golden hands of many generations of vineyard care takers. In return, the grapes whisper their gratitude every year by giving us back rich harvest. 

Chateau Kolarovo, copy rights reserved
Chateau Kolarovo, copy rights reserved

Thus, our deepest dreams mixed with reality and connected with this fruitful land and its vineyards; which cherishing aromatic and dense grapes; which simply invites us to produce the best wine possible and we called our reality “Chateau Kolarovo”!

Chateau Kolarovo became a wine cellar in 2009. It is a small boutique wine cellar located in the midst of the splendid southwestern slopes of the South Sakar Mountain close to the town of Harmanli and carries its name after the village we are located in —  Kolarovo. We have our own 37 acres of excellently maintained vineyard representing the wine varieties of :

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Petit Verdot
  • Malbec.

We are also proud of our 50 acres with 40 years old vineyards representing the wine variety of Merlot. The last are part of the popular and great Kolarov Estate – some of the biggest, oldest, most spacious wine estates in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. They were created during the ‘70s. The sowing began in 1977 and by 1980 it reached in size over 1730 acres. Most of them have been preserved until today! In 2008 Chateau Kolarovo became a joyful owner of the mentioned 12 acres. It is not a secret that the older vineyards give denser, more elastic and more structured wines.

The wine cellar also owns more than 37 acres of newly sowed vineyards. The owner of the wine cellar is Mr. Stoyan Stoyanov and our talanted enologist, and one of the best enologist in the industry, is Ms. Iliyana Koeva.

Chateau Kolarovo is famous on the market with the following wines:

SKS blended wine of the varieties:

  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Syrah

This is a special selection that is only produced during our best harvesting years when the grapes are with exceptional characteristics.

Long and spicy wine for experienced connaisseurs. It has matured from 12 to 18 months in new Bulgarian and French barrique.

Chateau Kolarovo, copy rights reserved
Chateau Kolarovo, copy rights reserved

Our “Megalit” wine selection is entirely of pure variety reserves, aged between 12 and 18 months in French barrique, first and second loading. The best wines from the harvest are included in the Megalit series.  The varieties used in the series:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Merlot
  • Mavrud
  • Syrah
  • Petit Verdot.

The purely varietal wines branded Chateau Kolarovo are:

  • Chardonnay Barrique
  • Viognier
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah

Mainly French barrique cellar is being used in the wine with the exception of the Bulgarian oak in which the Mavrud matures and part of the Chardonnay variety ferments.Every year, Chateau Kolarovo produces about 70,000 bottles of wine, distributed in short boutique series, but always powerful, with soft southern character, mature fruit and smoky notes. The wines of Chateau Kolarovo are winners of dozens of medals from prestigious international competitions (Decanter, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine Contest Bucharest, Mondiales des Vins – Canada, Berliner Wine Trophy). 

Photo Credit to Chateau Kolarovo
Photo credit to Chateau Kolarovo

Ready for a visit? In partnership with Bulgaria Wine Tours we can take you there. You can spend two days in Plovdiv, which is more than enough to see one of Europe’s capitals of culture for 2019, then dive into the winery of Chateau Kolarovo for another day!

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Ms. Iliyana Koeva — wine tourism, presentations and wine tastings; tel: +359 893 610 082

Mr. Georgi Tashev — marketing & sales; tel: +359 895 518 688


Disclaimer: Text and photos are copy rights reserved to Chateau Kolarovo only. We have published the legend and used the photographs by obtaining written permission from the wine cellar. Any type (all inclusive) redistribution of the published information is subject to international copy rights laws and restrictions.

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