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M. Scott Peck has written a great book called “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED” that today’s business people love to read and implement its teachings into their offices. The ‘psychological tricks’ one can learn from the book are endless and all useful. However, today I would like to share with you few “tips for trips” on the Customized ‘road less traveled’.


We all follow different paths in life. We have our backgrounds, goals, and dreams that we decide to pursue. Some are attainable, some are not, but we all try to steadily press forward.  At times we stumble and we give up, but eventually, we learn to get up, dust off, and continue. Usually, our own “less traveled roads” are the ones that we fear to take, doubt where the road will take us. Always, those are the exact same roads that will take us to the fulfillment of a dream or the achievement of a goal. Goals and dreams we have kept dear and close in our hearts. If it was easy to live our dreams or become millionaires, for instance, or go and visit every single country in the world, everybody would have done it by now. It is not easy and that’s what makes traveling, working on a goal, etc. even more exciting and sweet than most things in life!


You probably wonder how does the title of a famous psychological/business book connect with traveling? There are three ways that I can think of right now:

  1. The easy road is to pay an agency and let them decide what, when, how much and why?
  2. The semi-way is to do research on your own and spend hours, days, sometimes weeks looking for the best trip
  3. The ‘road less traveled’ is a team effort: you create your perfect trip in your mind, share some basics and few details with us, we do the time-consuming work, and you have the most fun at the end

Oh, and don’t forget to share your experience and few photos with us when you return home! We encourage our travelers to write a brief article of their travel experience. We use it for reviews, but mainly we share those in our “Traveller’s Notebook” section. 


Not intending to put travel agencies and their services down, but honestly, I have not been impressed by their services. I, personally, have used them for local and international trips and they have always been overpriced, no comfortable method of transportation, too short of tours at historic places, not informative enough, and rarely the total price included ALL possible venues. Basically, OK trips but could be better! Oh, let’s not forget that if you book a trip through an agency, usually they form a travel group and often you have to deal with people who’d prefer not to while trying to have a blast at a trip. Again, this has been my personal experience and I am open to hearing constructive criticism in the comment section at the end of the article. However, if you prefer this method of trip planning here are links to some of the highest-rated travel agencies: Carlson Wagonlit Travel; HRG; ALTOUR; WORLD TRAVEL INC.



Whether you are a full-time employee, working from home, or a stay-at-home individual, it could still be time-consuming and daunting to spent hours and hours on the web. You can spend anywhere between 2 to 78 hours on the internet looking and comparing prices for hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. Then, you can spend days figuring out what to see?; or how to move from point A to point B? and all this may actually have a negative effect on your trip mood and plans. You will most likely burn yourself out! When we are overtired, overworked we get irritated, annoyed and it is a human psychology, at such moment, to easily give up on things. But why give up on a potentially wonderful trip?


The Custom Trip team will help you get through ” The Road Less Traveled” and beyond! We will carefully listen to every detail of your perfectly visualized trip. We will also write everything down, so that way we can visualize it too. Then, we simply make it happen: we fulfill half of your dream by creating a top-notch plan for your trip. We plan out all logistics (ex: how you will get from the airport to the hotel?; from the hotel to destination A, etc.) All you need to do is follow our guidelines, which will be right in your pocket and enjoy your trip! TRAVEL


Embarking to a totally unknown destination, going after something totally out of the ordinary or using a different method for planning a trip than what you have used for the past 10-20 years are all part of the highway system known as “ROADS LESS TRAVELED”. Fear and doubt are the only obstacles that stand between a marvelously organized, well-budgeted trip and yourself.  Life changes, world conditions change too, the way we use to plan trips and go traveling are changing rapidly. Perhaps, one day we won’t be able to travel, who knows? I, as the Managing Director and Chief Editor of Custom Trip, want to encourage every one of you to continue to travel, to explore the world and fulfill your dreams, however you choose to do it. At the end of the day, what matters most is what you have accomplished and how you feel about it. Custom Trip is simply here to give you a hand with your traveling experiences and we do hope to see your travel request in our cue soon, but it is more important to do what’s best for you.



Silviya Topchiyska

Managing Director & Chief Editor


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