The Special Island of Nantucket, MA

If you have not been to the special island of Nantucket, MA you should go. If you have been to Nantucket and never returned, you have lost a lot. If you have been to Nantucket and decided to stay, you made a life changing decision that will make the rest of your days complete and full of happiness and peace.

Of course, the above statement won’t be true for everyone who has been to Nantucket, but only for those who have truly been able to appreciate it and soak in its uniqueness!

All the poems starting with “There is once a man from Nantucket…” represent the opposite of what Nantucket is today. Go and see for yourself!

The special island of Nantucket, located about hour and a half with the fast ferry from the Cape Cod coast of Hyannis, MA is a real gem. The story goes that once upon a time there was a giant who lived on the Cape and one day while he was sleeping one of his shoes flew away, fell into the Atlantic Ocean and turned into the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Soon after his other shoe flew away and became the island of Nantucket. True or not, the two islands are the gold of Massachusetts. Rich in history, heritage, nature, endless white sanded beaches and culture, the islands proudly welcome thousands of visitors each year while still remaining a home for some.

Once you step off the boat on Nantucket, you will find a beautiful small downtown dotted with high end clothing stores, restaurants offering different culinary delicacies, social bars and much more. All of this stands amidst cobbled stone roads and the old whaling captains houses. Both, ‘old’ and the ‘new’ world meet in downtown Nantucket and allow you to experience a true island spirit.

Nantucket is walking and biking friendly. Take a walk down Main street, soak in the atmosphere of the area and imagine the town two hundred years ago when carriages, horses, ladies with long dresses and men with suits were roaming around that street. Imagine the nice warm summer nights they shared mingling under a sky full of stars and watching the one of a kind Nantucket sunsets. If you have imagination rich as mine you can even go back in your mind to the time where Nantucket was nothing but a fishing village populated by Native Americans. Once the Europeans discovered it, they never left. The whaling industry rapidly expanded and it turned it into the special island of Nantucket-the whaling capital of the world.


If you take the city tour or decide to explore the island on your own via foot, bike or car, make sure you swing by the lighthouse at the golf course—it’s one and only and you can’t miss it. At that part of the island the houses are what I like to call “typical island fishing cottages”. In fact, the whole atmosphere of the area corresponds with its surroundings. It is quiet, it is peaceful, it is beautiful and the ocean breeze is magical!

Nantucketers have preserved the island’s true spirit throughout the centuries, as well as its own unique lifestyle. You either have to fit in from minute one or it won’t work out for you. The local industries are thriving and entrepreneurial endeavors bring value to modern day Nantucket. The yummie Nantucket Nectar that we all love still represents the island’s unique and rich vegetation. The special island of Nantucket is a simple, unusual, pretty and peaceful. It is a place that will continue to amaze its visitors and local population with untold stories and undiscovered history.

Silviya Topchiyska

An aspiring Finance graduate who has experience in entrepreneurship, sales, management, banking...when wearing the business suit. Travel Blogger & Wine Enthusiast when wearing shorts and t-shirt! I love to travel and I love to plan all of my trips ahead of time from A to Z! Long time ago, I figured out it's the best way to do it and TODAY I am sharing my travel planning, organizational and budgeting skills with you!


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