top 5 most interesting islands to visit

Do you still wonder where to spend your summer time off? Then, stop wondering right now and continue reading! We have chosen the Top 5 Most Interesting Islands for you to visit in summer 2018. Stunning beaches, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, cocktails, water sports–it is  all just a few clicks away from you.


Greece is probably the first place that comes to mind when thinking of island vacations. The islands of Malaysia is second behind, followed by Hawaii, the Bahamas or the Bermudas. Those are all wonderful island destinations, but are they really the top 5 most interesting islands? The truth is that there are so many islands in this world that it is impossible to visit all of them in this life, but you can still visit the top 5 most interesting islands and according to our research, evaluation and opinion they are: Rhodes, Greece; Newport, Rhode Island; Martha’s Vineyard, MA; Fiji and Hvar, Croatia . As you can, our list combines more popular with less popular islands, but each one of them is unique, so lets explore them briefly.


The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes offers you a perfect combination of history, archaeology, gorgeous beaches and more. Dotted with many small and beautiful towns and villages, Rhodes is the island where you

top 5 most interesting islands to visit
Lindos,Rhodes, Greece. Photo Credit to Custom Trip

will always want to return. A bit further down from Athens, Rhodes is accessible via a fairly long ferry ride or a quick flight out of the Athens International Airport. The capital, Rhodes City, it’s popular with its Medieval Street of the Knights and castle like palace of the Grand Masters. Beaches are few steps away from most accommodations and the nightlife is suitable to all tastes. What’s better than drinking wine under a sky full of stars in the company of your friends/loved one/family or even by yourself? Rhodes is fairly safe and there is a great public transportation between cities. Food prices are close to the inland part of Greece and you will be amazed how many street cats live there! We like to call it  “the cat island” because there are so many cats. The most interesting part is that they live in groups and not alone. Rhodes holds Italian, German, Ottoman and WWII history. It’s close proximity with Turkey allows you to do a one-day-ferry-trip to the next island, which is in Turkey, so you get “two birds with one stone”.


The East Coast of America offers a rich variety of inland and off-land activities. Newport, Rhode Island is one of the best places to visit in summer. The island dates back to the early settlement of the continent and holds a rich French

top 5 most interesting islands to visit
Newport, Rhode Island. Photo Credit to Custom Trip

heritage. Bellevue Ave is dotted with mansions from the 1800s that will leave you breathless. Each mansion has been hand crafted and the grounds are built with an experienced touch for beauty and elegance. Some of the mansions are still inhabited by their owners while others are part of the Newport Conservation Society and offered for tours.

Newport is also home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame where many “stars” of the respectable sport have a place today. Its Cliff’s Walk will give you a nice, longs stroll on the Atlantic coast and open great opportunities for professional or personal photography. The town’s main street–Thames St–is packed with restaurants offering fine dining, worldwide cuisine options and numerous distilleries and breweries. The city has a public transportation system, but it is also available by foot or bike. Come to Newport and leave a Newperson!



America’s most magical island is located less than 100 miles south of Boston. Part of the Cape Islands and neighboring with Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard is truly a magical and in ways mystical island. Away from the daily worries and stress that the rest of America experiences, the island takes pride with its diverse community, endless beaches covered with white sand or rocks, hiking trails, film festival, ginger bread houses and the oldest carousel.

top 5 most interesting islands to visit
Martha’s Vineyard, Photo Credit to Custom Trip

The six towns of the island offer you six unique experiences. Whether you like history, fishing, farming or shopping, you can find them all on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard. The historic district of Edgartown will present you with Old Whaling Captains’ homes, still inhabited and well maintained. Oak Bluff’s ginger bread houses are as cute as they could be and do look like houses taken out from ferry-tale stories. Menemesha’s fish market it is a must go to place if you like sea food and you will even get the chance to catch and/or choose your own lobster, and it will be skillfully cooked at the spot. Martha’s Vineyard has excellent public transportation system during the summer months, but it is also very bike friendly and once inside the towns you can easily reach places on foot.


The islands of Fiji used to be a dream to many in the ’90s, but somehow their fame have gone down in the past decade. Why is that?  Weather is one reason, for sure, but also–let’s be honest–they are n

top 5 most interesting islands to visit
Fiji Islands

ot the easiest destination to reach or the most affordable one. However, we highly recommend that you do visit, at least once in your life, the Fiji islands. The crystal clear water will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime swimming or water sports experiences while eating coconuts under a palm tree  during the ‘breaks’. The two most visited islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.  Snorkeling, scuba diving lessons and coral reefs will be at your feet. Imagine the golden skin tan color you will have upon your return home? The Fiji Islands always have and will continue to offer the most exotic island experience to everybody.


Croatia is still an emerging tourist destination, but for the seeking and curious traveler it is an easy to find destination. Located on the Adriatic sea, Croatia has numerous islands. Hvar is mostly a famous summer destination and its hillside tops, 13th century fortress, and main square dating back to  the Renaissance era proudly place it on our top 5 most interesting islands to visit in summer 2018 list.  Dubovica is its best beach, which is highly compatible in terms of pleasurable experience with the nearby lavender fields.

top 5 most interesting islands to visit
Hvar, Croatia

Numerous boats can take you from Hvar to other Croatian islands if you’re looking mostly for an “island-hopping” experience, but Hvar still remains a favorite to most of Croatia’s tourists. Hvar is reachable by bus and boat and you will most likely fly in-and-out of the capital Zagreb.

Mountains are mountains, but islands have always been the preferred destination for vacationing during the summer months. The attractiveness of the blue waters, sandy beaches covered with palm trees and the relaxing experience all of this atmosphere promises can’t be ignored when looking for a vacation destination. We hope that our list of Top 5 Most Interesting Islands  to Visit During Summer 2018 has pumped you up for a memorable summer and are here to answer any questions or help you plan your trip!

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