Christmas is right around the corner. Kids are excited to go on Christmas break, college students are taking their final exams for the semester, others are finishing up plans for their holiday travels, and rest are making plans for Christmas meals, holiday decorations and hosting family members and friends for the holidays. Amidst all that business, have you thought that you might actually get paid to spend Christmas in one of the top ski resorts in the U.S.? Australia? New Zealand? Perhaps, on the slopes of the magnificent Alps? 

Here are our Top 5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money over the holidays and beyond:


Working seasonally is a great way to see different places within the United States and earn a decent wage. Room and board are provided at most places too, especially during the winter season, at a very low cost. Top ski resorts in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and others are at their peak hiring season right now. You might be surprised to find out that their busiest time starts now, the week before Christmas, and last until mid-February. They always hire and need extra help for the holidays and most even pay you out a bonus at the end of the employment contract. So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend Christmas and New Years, try out

Alaska. Denali. Seasonal Jobs.
Alaska is a very famous destination for seasonal jobs. The opportunities there are as vast as the state itself. Courtesy of Custom Trip.

The site is easy to navigate and you can do a search based on state, season, job, volunteer work, etc. Highly recommended online platform for seasonal jobs within the United States!


Did you know that as a U.S. citizen under age of 30, you can obtain a “work&travel” visa for Australia or New Zealand? Yes, that’s right, you can have a nice warm, sunny Christmas on the other side of the world! 

The way it works is that you get,  usually, a one-year long visa that allows you to work in Australia or New Zealand (separate applications and different visas). You can also change jobs. For example, you can work in a coffee shop on Melbourne for 3 months and explore the city; then, do something else in Sydney; then, go all the way cross-country to Perth and spend 6 months there. It is the same process with New Zealand, though, there are a lot more natural and outdoor activities you can do. The pay is a bit more than minimum wage in the U.S. but enough to cover room and board. Some employers, in fact, offer you meals and accommodation as an exchange for work. 

Queensland, Australia. Courtesy of Anetta Otylia

All you need is some money to pay for your visas and round-trip tickets. The flight tickets cost the most, but there is always cheap deals. Send us an email, if interested, and we can help you find something on a budget! 

Links to check:

Global Work and Travel, Australia

Interexchange, work, and travel, Australia

New Zealand, work, and travel


Interexchange, for New Zealand


These are kind of the “old” ways to earn money while traveling, but still working. However, keep in mind that there are millions of travel blogs out there, some created for profit and some for fun, so the competition is HUGE. Good and original content is always sought out, so if that’s what you prefer to do, go ahead! You can monetize content by offering memberships on your blog, do affiliate marketing /sell products on your blog/site for other people/ or sell your articles to a publication. There are plenty of travel magazines, travel news, more advanced blogs that will happily buy your content, as long as it is good. 

Park City, Utah. Seasonal Jobs
Park City, Utah. Courtesy of Custom Trip

Website design is the other “cliche” job done by most world travelers. It is fairly easy nowadays to create a website, by using basic coding /check-out or using a template such as WordPress or Wix. There are still out there who have ideas for online businesses that will need a good website and you can be the one to help them out!

Initial cost: about $50-$80 for hosting and domain for your site. Good hosting company: Siteground


This is something similar to Teaching English abroad, but not exactly. AU-PAIR is a program where you live with a local family, anywhere in the world, and you help their kids with daily duties.It is the modern version of babysitting. Your responsibilities might include speaking English to the child and helping him out with the language, taking him to and from school, playing with him, rarely any cleaning or cooking. AU-PAIR is a “live-at-home” program, so your room and board are provided, you do get at least one day off and usually some monthly stipend. 

You can check out these links:,


Register as a freelancer at your home country before you leave. After arriving at your destination you can immediately begin to give tours. In fact, you can learn everything you need to know about your next destination prior your arrival and be prepared. You can even start marketing your services before you get there and have signed-up tourists waiting for you. Ideally, this would be a fantastic way to earn money while traveling for people with established travel blogs and websites, but if you are not one of them, don’t let that to stop you. If you like to travel, then you like to explore and learn! Share that knowledge with fellow travellers and tourists after you. This, in reality,might turn out as your most profitable travel job! 

Things to keep in mind: check-out your “new” country’s requirements and policies for tours and freelancing. Make sure there is no double-taxation and no specific tour guide licenses required. You don’t want to get fined! 

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