Washington DC, Custom Trip


Custom Trip is a team of travel enthusiasts who love to explore new places, revisit “old places”, learn about different cultures and perfect our knowledge in foreign languages. We believe that one person could see most of the world in his lifetime and we strive to do the same in ours. We are the kind of people who encourage friends and family to save money for traveling and go out there and visit at least one new place every year. Our team loves to travel, but all of us love even more to share stories, experiences, and tips about our trips.


It is hard to create a trip that will match the most specific preferences and criteria, but this is exactly what we do at Custom Trip — we create a detailed trip plan for you, your family and/or group and we allow you to choose flying times, airlines, destinations, venues, etc. We make sure that it all fits in your time frame and budget. Perfectionism is one of our best qualities because we look closely and pay high attention to all minor details that travel agencies don’t have the time or patience to do so. When we work on creating a Custom Trip Plan, we first use our extensive knowledge of areas, modes of travel, venues, lodging, etc., and verify those through our personally created network database. Then, we perform detailed research based on your specific request and we put all the information, down to every comma and price point, into a file that we e-mail back to you. The last step is yours: pack your bags and go see the world!


Everyone who works at Custom Trip has used the services and guidance of various travel agencies for our trips and we all have come to the conclusion that it is just not worth it. It is better off to plan a trip individually and be in control of your own travel plans. More often than not, travel agencies put a trip that does not suit or match the traveler’s exact interests, time frame and especially the budget. Traveling with a group of people you’ve never met might be intimidating, irritating and at times boring. It is hard to venture out on your own and do ‘your own thing’ because you have to follow a guide and the crowd. This limits your opportunities to REALLY see and explore a given region of the world.

We believe and support the uniqueness of being an individual and we know that people absorb things differently. Greek mythology might sound cool and exciting to one person, but to another will be just “GREEK”, while paying the same amount of money as the “curious guy next to him”. People need to be given the chance to be themselves on a trip and to take as much as back home with them as possible. Thus, Custom Trip works on a case-per-case basis and we might ask you a bunch of questions in our contact form, but we do it for one specific reason: to help you experience something unique designed specifically for YOU. It will be YOUR trip!


We hope that the people we help to see the world in a totally different, but amazing way will become more open to differences, customs, ways of life and languages. We like globalization and we want to help people experience the best of it. Traveling builds character and opens the eyes for things never thought or seen before. It gives the traveler a clearer view of himself and frequently helps him discover creativity, knowledge, and abilities he never knew he had. It is rewarding in endless ways and does make people happier. The more you travel, the more you will want to travel. Our goal, at Custom Trip, is to help you reach your travel goals and/or introduce you to one of the life’s best perks: traveling!





Note: We are not a travel agency, so transportation and lodging reservations for your trip will need to be made by you. We will provide you with several recommendations from which to choose.