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We will prepare a detailed plan providing selected points of interests, available methods of transportation and any associated travel or admission costs. Included in the price are up to 2 modifications of your customized travel plan after submitting your payment. We also appreciate any honest feedback and issue full refunds within 3 days, i.e., if you receive your travel plan on May 21st, you have until midnight (PACIFIC STANDARD TIME) on May 24th to contact us and receive a full refund!

–Within 2 business days of receiving your request, we will provide you with the exact customized cost for your trip plan, suggest accommodation and transportation you can book based on the information you provided. Refer to our Terms of Use for additional information.

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— The 20% VAT for Bulgaria will be added to the invoice and based on the total price for the trip plan. (ex: cost of trip plan = $100; VAT=20%; total due: $120)





Note: We are not a travel agency, so transportation and lodging reservations for your trip will need to be made by you. We will provide you with several recommendations from which to choose.