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There are so many tour agencies and trip planning services out there that it is easy to get confused. We decided to point out the differences between some of the companies who specialize in Customized Itineraries/Custom Trips.  It might sound strange to you, in the greedy world we live in today, but we do want our clients to feel sure about their choice of travel planning company. Yes, we need you–the client–to do business, but we want you to be happy and choose what’s best for you. Planning and going on a trip is exciting and requires some work in the same time. We hope that our comparison list below will be helpful!


Brekke Tours & Travels offers some packaged tours to exotic destinations, such as Australia, Belize, Southern Caribbean. Prices are anywhere up to $2500-$3000 a person and they work with Princess Cruise Line as their partner. Their other tours are to Russia, Europe, North America and the Scandinavian countries. When it comes down to their Customized Itineraries their fill-out form is quite detailed. They even ask for your passport number and their questions about dates of travel could be a bit confusing. They charge $100 non-refundable fee that must be paid upon submission of your travel request. The fee is deducted from your customized itinerary ONLY if the total cost of your trip is more than $1500. You can choose between paying by credit card, debit card or check. Located in North Dakota, Brekke Tours & Travel‘s specialty are their Scandinavian trips.

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We believe that websites are the #1 tool for success within the Travel Industry, so here is a screen shot of Brekke Tours & Travel website:


√ Our total price for planning a customized trip are based depending on your request for countries to visit, cities, venues, etc. Everything is tailored, discounts are available, and we usually give FREE “cities” and/or “venues”, which are again tailored to the specific request. You can see our cost here.

√ Our contact form is user friendly and we never ask for your passport number or other confidential details. Our Privacy Policy is in full compliance with the GDPR /General Data Protection Regulation/ that the European Union has passed and we only ask for the basic of basics in terms of data.

√ At the moment we only accept payment via PayPal. Whether you choose to purchase one of our pre-made customized trips or to receive an invoice, our payment is secured and your payment protection, and/or refund if necessary, is guaranteed. Our site is also SSL certified.

√ Although we are capable and knowledgeable to plan trips to any destination in the world, our specialties are Europe and the United States.


Old Sod Travel is another travel service company that comes up when you request a search about “custom trips”. Their specialty is the U.K, but primarily focused on Ireland, Scotland and England.

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They offer group travels, short visits, chauffeured trips, or study abroad programs. You can easily fill-out a Customized Itinerary form request as it is located on every page at the right sidebar, but prices or business physical address are not listed anywhere on the site. Old Sod Travel is a great company to use if you are interested in visiting the U.K. in particular.


√ We offer Custom Trips to any destination in the world and not only to the U.K.


√ Our costs are calculated and estimated to the penny. The total costs posted on our website are the maximum.

√ Our contact form asks for few more details, which will help us to plan your trip faster and better.


Journy is one of the best designed websites for Customized Itineraries. Their team comes from wide backgrounds, but primarily from the food and restaurant industry. They are listed in some of the most popular travel news sites, such as Travel+Leisure, TechCrunch, WSJ and Cool Hunting. Their prices range from $25-$50 p/day of travel charged to you depending on your request and they offer 15-20 min free chat with a travel consultant. Usually, the faces behind Custom Trips operations/services are travel lovers who are either travel bloggers too or they just like to share their experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts and charge a minimum fee for their services.

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Journy has had the financial back-up that most Custom Trips planners don’t, which also allows them to have an OK app you can download on your iPhone /not optimized for Android/. In order to request your customized itinerary you need to register on their site.


√ We charge p/city, p/country or p/venue/interest. Our total price is almost half less than what a customized itinerary with Journy might cost you.

√ We don’t ask for our clients to register on our site because that requires giving out personal detail and exposing themselves to unwanted mail spam. We respect our clients’privacy and make sure their personal information is kept strictly confidential and used ONLY to plan a trip.

√ We are more flexible when we create the customized itineraries.


Tripit is the best app to create your own customized itinerary. It is free to download and the basic features you can use for FREE. If you travel more than three times a year, it is worth paying the $50 p/year fee for more advanced features. TRIPIT combines all of your travel details into one so you can access it at any time. However, you do need to e-mail all of

customized itineraries
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those details to a general TRIPIT e-mail. Featured in Forbes, WSJ, New York Times.


√ We only operate through our website or social media channels. No app yet.

√ We have real people sitting and working on your customized itinerary while with TRIPIT it’s all computerized.


The Trip Trotter offers packaged tours and customized itineraries. Their prices are not clearly stated on the website, but they specialize in European trips. The Trip Trotter is a member of the U.S. Travel Association, Member of Signature Travel Network and Tzell Travel Group. Physical address of the company is not listed on the site, but they do offer affiliate links for hotel, flights, rental cars bookings. The Trip Trotter’s website is easy to navigate and very user friendly.

customized itineraries
Copy rights and credits to The Trip Trotter


√ Our prices are clearly stated

√ We create customized itineraries to any and all destinations

√ Our blog posts vary in thematics

√  Our contact info is complete and clear


If you need some TIPSforTRIPS or travel advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us at mytrip@customtrip.org or via our on-site chat! We’d love to share our knowledge and expertise with you and help you out with your trip brainstorming ideas or making it all possible by proper budgeting. Bon Voyage!






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