In the Southwestern corner of Bulgaria, in the valley of the Struma River in the low lands of Pirin Mountain you will find just that – Wines Made with Love from wine cellar Kiossev. It is also in this part of the country where you will meet very hospitable, warm, honest, hard-working people who will welcome you as one of their own. Nikolay Kiossev and his family owned winery are experts in hospitality! Mr.Kiossev makes it a goal to meet almost all of his guests personally and spend time with them. He enjoys chatting and getting to know each and every guest, while enjoying a glass of his own delicious wine and great food authentic for the Pirin Mountain area. What you will never forget about Mr.Kiossev and his wines is the story behind them — a story full of love, traditions and energetic passion for good and high quality wines.

Where did it all begin…?

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Nikolay Kiossev’s grandfather is in the roots of Kiossev wine cellar today. About 80 years ago a young fellow at age of 20 became the youngest winemaker in the Melnik region. He started a family, a tradition, and produced wines that were loved all over Bulgaria. Nikolay’s father has told him that when he Nikolay was 14 years old his grandfather has selected him as an ‘inheritor’ of the wine business in a very interesting way. Ask Nikolay himself about the full story when you visit wine cellar Kiossev. But the story does not end here…Today Nikolay’s son Mario works shoulder-to-shoulder with his father and together they make some of Bulgaria’s greatest boutique wines.

“The making of wine is not a race but an adventurous marathon.” — Mario Kiossev

The Drink of the Gods

Wine and the long lasting tradition of making it right runs through the blood veins of Nikolay Kiossev. He remembers crushing the grapes as a child along with his grandfather and making wine. Mr.Kiossev spent 7 years in studying and preparing to open his own winery while working in his grandfather winery. He planned the building and the technological parts on his own after reading many books on the subject. The individual varieties are mixed at the primary stage before fermentation for better coupling.

Photo credits and copyrights reserved to wine cellar Kiossev

Family owned boutique wine cellar Kiossev makes limited and high quality series of White, Rose and Red wines. Besides his own grapes, Mr.Kiossev purchases wholesale grape from local producers, but only the one of highest quality. This particular region of Bulgaria – the valley of the river Struma – is characterized with cool nights and sunny, hot days. This temperate climate is what gives the grapes the enchanting and memorable scents.

They give special care to all grapes and continue to follow the dedicated rituals for wine making. Mr.Kiossev admits that during the vintage he fully dedicates his time to this sacred act and forgets about the rest of the world. He likes to joke that for days he forgets where he has left his cell phone.


Wine cellar Kiossev has its private members and fan club. During the vintage, the members of Club Kiossev reserve their “seats” early on, so they can also experience the magic of the harvest.

“The creation of our wines requires lots of passion and love.” – Nikolay Kiossev

Annually the wine cellar produces around 20,000 bottles of wine. Each wine series consist of 300 to 3,000 bottles and each is numbered. After wine making, playing golf is Mr.Kiossev’ second hobby and he is an active member of the Pirin Golf & Country Club and he has made a special wine called “Hole In One”.

“Raised and Made with Love”

Would you like to experience the Wines Made with Love for yourself? Your best option to do that is by signing up for one of our customized trips organized by us and administrated by our business partner Bulgaria Wine Tours.

Photo credits and copyrights reserved to wine cellar Kiossev

We will take you to Kiossev Wine Cellar by private transportation and Mr.Kiossev, and his team, will take you into their beautiful garden with carefully trimmed fig trees. While helping you settle for the night into their guest house you will also get the privilege to meet the snuggly golden retriever, an important part of the vineyards, named Bruno.

Being a family owned wine cellar, Mr.Kiossev produces his wines with the same tender care and love he gives to his family. Their wines are boutique and limited in series. It is his philosophy and believe that the grapes should be given maximum comfort so it will give you a maximum satisfaction and a wine of exceptional quality.

The wines of Kiossev Wine Cellar are carrier of the following awards:

  • “Melnik Obsession Revolution 77” – a wonder wine! It has been kept for 77 months in an oak barrel, then for another 3 years in a bottle. After the 10th year of its original production this wine is finally ready to be tasted and appreciated by the connoisseurs of well-aged wine. It serves them a true wine feast!
  • Best youngest Rose that took the award for year 2017

The Wines Made with Love and Kiossev wine cellar are waiting for you! Call and book your “Culture + Wine Tour” today! Spent a day or two in Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019 — and hop on one of our vans. Your time in the Melnik region and the hospitality of Mr.Kiossev will give you memories of a lifetime, plus few boutique wine bottles to take back home with you.


Direct contact for wine cellar Kiossev:

tel: +359899663665


PS You can also meet Nikolay Kiossev and his team during VINARIA PLOVDIV 2019 Feb.20-24th, 2019 at the International Fair Grounds in Plovdiv.

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